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Social Media Management

We work with you to discover the best platform for your growth, evaluate results, and make adjustments based on that data. Working with us will save you time and money in the long run.

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Invest in Social Packages That Are Tailored to Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

Are you not getting the results you want from your social media campaigns? Since social media is now a “pay to play,” it requires all of your resources: an organized plan and full commitment, as well as an established budget.

A long-term campaign or a one-time sponsored post can be challenging to get your company in front of your target audience without spending money on advertising, in addition to organic outreach.

Your online exposure can be improved by integrating our social media management service with your complete marketing plan at AkinTech Digital. Using our social media management services, we can bring in new customers who will become raving fans.

The internet is an ever-changing environment. Are you using the most recent social media features? As evidence, please have a look at the social media profiles we manage for our clients.

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Creative Social Media Managers

Nearly 75 percent of people use social media while making a purchasing decision. In the B2C and B2B industries, social media is a critical channel of contact for customers.

At AkinTech Digital, you can rest assured that your social media efforts will be aligned with the rest of your marketing plan and that your content will speak directly to your target audience, resulting in increased reach and engagement.

As a company run entirely by millennials, we provide a wide range of digital marketing-related services, including content marketing, social media ad campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), and website design.

Get in touch with us to talk about your social media objectives if you’d like to grow a cult of followers and boost revenue.

Social Media Facts You Should Know

33 Million+ Social Media Users
Nigeria's population is estimated to be over 33 million people who use social media. The number increased by more than 6.1 million in just six months (April 2020 – January 2021). Every day, additional users sign up, which means your potential customers are expanding as well.
All Age Groups are Social
Those between the ages of 18 and 54 are the most engaged social media users in Nigeria. At least 3 hours, 30 minutes is spent each day by these people! This means that you may target your clients at any time, regardless of the niche you're in.
Get Customers on Demand
When it comes to creating brand recognition, 44 percent of local firms are using Facebook and Twitter. Seventy-seven percent of small businesses rely on social media marketing to generate sales.
Facebook is the Market Leader
More than 87% of Nigeria's active internet users visit Facebook each month, making it the most popular social networking website in the country. Second on the list is YouTube, with 76 percent of the votes cast. It's no surprise that Facebook is the most effective and cost-efficient social media marketing tool.
With Paid Ads, Your Business Will Grow More Rapidly
Over $62 million would be spent by Nigerian firms on social media advertising in 2020 alone. Still baffled about why your competitors seem to be scooping up all the business, even in this downturn?
Social Media vs TV
In Nigeria, internet users claim that social media makes them more aware of new products more quickly. In comparison to TV commercials, which account for only 49% of all brand discovery, social media outlets account for almost 57% of all brand discovery presently. Don't waste your money on ineffective channels.

Why Hire a Social Media Management Company?

Small business owners and entrepreneurs who lack the time or resources to devote to social media management might outsource their efforts to an agency that specializes in this area.

It is much easier for someone to execute their job properly if they are doing something they are enthusiastic about. A lot of people who handle their own social media and operate their businesses on their own find that the things they are enthusiastic about aren’t posting or commenting on a daily basis. It’s not uncommon for these repetitive duties to consume all of your time and energy.


Having a solid social media strategy is essential for business owners and marketers, but so is being aware of the many benefits it can give. If you want these advantages at a fraction of the expense, you might think about using a social media management service.

According to our lead social media manager, Godwin Omije, when social media management is brought in-house, it rarely receives the attention it needs and the strategic input it needed to be effective. So, why risk missing out on the opportunity to create brand awareness, generate leads, and generate sales by doing it through trial and error?

Social networking is a great way to get your business in front of your ideal customers. Today, social media has a significant impact on how companies sell themselves. It’s no longer acceptable to use social media merely for your own personal benefit.

Many Nigerian brands have discovered that online communities are a powerful tool for reaching their target consumers, promoting their products and services, increasing traffic and improving conversion rates. Whatever business you’re in or how big your firm is, it doesn’t really matter. Using social media to launch campaigns will almost surely result in excellent results. Either for an ecommerce store or a service-based firm, a social media management strategy will improve your digital marketing efforts.

In fact, 74% of online shoppers utilize social media to research products and services. This is the level of effect that social media has on your potential customers’ purchasing decisions. Therefore, you require the services of a social media management firm.

Social Media Management FAQs

Social media management is the process of optimizing the impact of social media platforms on a business. Social listening, content creation and distribution, and customer service are all part of the process.

An effective social media strategy entails much more than merely raising the number of followers and producing fresh material. You may use these channels to learn more about your clients and what they want from you through social media management.

In a recent study, SKIM found that social media can have a positive impact on businesses.

As SKIM found, there is a link between social media use and business success. It showed that 74% of SMBs rely on social media to grow their business, according to the study.

With the help of social media, businesses can reach out to potential customers with a message that is both relevant and cost-effective. For small businesses, social media management can be a time- and money-saver when it comes to marketing.

A social media management solution provides organizations of all sizes with content and real-time interaction.

Big brands aren’t the only ones in need of social media management services. Additionally, small businesses necessitate the assistance of social media experts who can help them gain a greater visibility on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Because the reputation of a company’s brand is so crucial in today’s competitive marketplace, many successful business owners are relying on social media management services.

The number of people that follow us, interact with our posts, and visit our website is one of the most important measures of our success. All of these metrics have an impact on sales in the long run. On a monthly basis, these metrics will rise, and we’ll keep tabs on our efforts to see how well they’re serving you.

The success of your Facebook advertising and social initiatives will decide your growth. On Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, our clients regularly notice an increase in followers of 100-300 each month.

Practically speaking, it takes about a week before you begin to see any substantial results. It could be shorter or longer, though, depending on the level of competition in your business and other circumstances.

At any time, you can reach out to us to get started on your social media marketing strategy.

One of our social media managers will get in touch with you to go over the specifics of your project.

After our consultation, we’ll come up with a plan for you. Your social media campaign will begin as soon as you sign the contract!

You’ll need to conduct market research to find out which social media sites your target demographic prefers. Because of this, you should make an effort to be more visible on all of your many platforms.

Before deciding on the platform that best suits your company’s brand image, think about the types of products and services that you provide. Finally, think about your company’s goals and the platforms that will help you achieve them..

Our social media management services are geared toward increasing the number of people who follow and engage with your social media accounts. You may see an increase in traffic to your website as you gain more followers. However, if you want to see an increase in your website traffic right away, you should choose our paid social advertising solution.

In order to set up your SMM account, track your advertising, and install tracking pixels, we often charge a minimal cost.

You can usually avoid this fee if you employ us within three (3) days of getting a proposal from our team.

As a starting point, we provide contracts of three months’ duration. After the initial contract term has expired, your account will be handled month-to-month. You can cancel at any time by giving a written notice of 30 days. After 30 days, we will cease all services and return any information we have.

No, you are not obligated to provide us with any content. However, if you have content, we’d love to use it.

It’s possible for your social media account manager to come up with original material that’s targeted to your brand’s image. For example, we have access to a wealth of free resources including stock images, simple graphic design tools, and current events. We’ll use this information to craft content that will resonate with your audience.

Any of our in-house social media managers can take care of your SM campaign because we have a superb team of social media strategists. A dedicated social media manager will be assigned to your campaign.

Your account manager is the first person you should contact if you have a question or issue regarding SMM.

Media planning and coordination falls under the broader umbrella of social media marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all examples of social media outlets that may be used to promote a company or product. Management of social media channels is accomplished by the creation of relevant material and the timely response to feedback.

To put it another way, social media management encompasses everything from creating content to analyzing data.

Engage the services of a reputable digital marketing agency right now to see your company’s online presence soar. As a digital marketing agency, we seek to learn about our clients’ business objectives. Then, all decisions are made with those goals in mind.

At AkinTech Digital, we operate with complete openness so that you may track the progress of your online revenue as it is generated. Our social media management and marketing tactics offer a significant network resource for your online marketing needs.

Ready to start your campaign?

Fast Social Media Management Services

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Health Product Manufacturer


New Facebook Followers


Facebook Post Engagements

In 2019, a manufacturer and nationwide distributor of health performance items contacted AkinTech Digital for help growing their audience and developing new product engagements.

The client was able to communicate directly with potential customers through our marketing efforts.

Social Media Management - Social Media Management 3
Agro-Investment Platform


New Facebook Followers


Facebook Post Engagements

AkinTech Digital was chosen by an agricultural investment firm to handle their social media administration and advertising.

To our surprise, we saw an increase in engagements that was more more than three times more than our estimates, gaining over 3,000 new subscribers.

Social Media Management - Social Media Management 4
Financial Solutions Company


New Facebook Followers


Facebook Post Engagements

We were approached by a financial solutions company to build an online community for our clients, better engage target audiences about our products, and promote our brand narrative through organic and sponsored advertising.

In just ten months, our social media management company was able to achieve the aforementioned results.

Social Media Marketing Platforms

Facebook Management
Large and small businesses together can benefit from the social media management services offered by Facebook thanks to its daily active user base of over a billion people every day. Its key selling point is its low-cost marketing, precise targeting, and natural follower engagement.

As a result of Facebook's social media efforts, businesses and advertising agencies can target certain demographics to achieve their aims. It is feasible to run campaigns that raise awareness, elicit participation, improve traffic, boost conversions, and entice people to visit your business.

When you sign up for our Facebook management services, take advantage of these advantages. Our social media management firm provides a variety of services, including strategy guidance, content creation, social media comment monitoring, and paid advertising.
Instagram Management
Instagram is a great tool for expanding your brand's reach and fostering a sense of community among your followers. With the help of our Instagram social media managers, your company's online presence will be elevated through the use of shareable photographs and videos, as well as Instagram Reels and IG Stories.

The metrics we utilize to better your Instagram social media strategy are available when you partner with our marketing firm. It's no surprise that Instagram and Facebook's systems are so similar. Creative photographs, on the other hand, can help your business gain traction on Instagram.

Even if you have the best product and customer service in the world, if your Instagram campaign has bad pictures, it will fail. There are a variety of campaign goals that Instagram users can choose from, including boosting website traffic, increasing app downloads, enhancing engagement and generating awareness.

You can rely on AkinTech Digital, an Instagram management agency with vast experience in optimizing vanishing and user generated content. There is nothing we can't take care of for you, interstitial advertising, Instagram stories, and gallery posts.
Twitter Management
Make use of Twitter social media marketing to raise awareness of your business on the twitter platform. Data-tracking technologies are used to evaluate your data, identify a target audience, and devise organic and paid Twitter marketing strategies that humanize your brand and drive people to your website as part of our service

An effective social media marketing strategy begins with a clear understanding of your goals and objectives. More than 7 million Nigerians are active users on twitter. To reach these people, Twitter has a number of monetized advertising options. An advertiser's purpose could be to increase traffic to their website, acquire new clients or whatever else they desire.

It's a great way to expand your audience and develop your brand's identity with this social app. Whether you're a large corporation or a small business, our staff can assist you in creating a strategy that works across all of your social media channels.
LinkedIn Management
With the help of our LinkedIn management company, you can build a solid online presence. LinkedIn social media marketing can set you apart from your competitors if done correctly.

With our LinkedIn marketing services, you can rest assured that your social media marketing efforts on LinkedIn will be a great hit. When it comes to reaching out to specific employees or business owners, LinkedIn reigns supreme among the social media networks.

With demographics such as age and location, you can target certain groups depending on their occupations and company size. LinkedIn is the place to be if your company sells business-related or educational products.

At AkinTech Digital, we implement lead-generating enterprise social media strategy through the use of native social media management software. Brand reputation, thought leadership, outperformance, and trust in the market are all goals of our social media management services.
Our Clients Love Us

Ibadan-based SMM company with a clear objective.

Social Media Management

AkinTech Digital has been a great partner to work with in building our business through their extensive knowledge in building brands and advertising. We are excited to see what our future looks like with having such a strong partner in our corner!

Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5
Kb Adewale
Social Media Management

Working with AkinTech Digital's web design team has been a most pleasant experience!. They’ve done a great job of creating exactly what I wanted, easy to work with and very responsive. We couldn’t be happier with our new website.

Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5
Adebayo Stephen
Bayo Farm
Social Media Management

Our customer growth has increased, we have more than doubled our sales and return on ad spend in just 2 months through their facebook & instagram ads. We’ve seen incredible growth in a short period, It was a pleasure working with AkinTech Digital.

Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5
Aminat Akinade
CEO Blissma

Social Media Management Plans



15 Posts Per Month

Cancel anytime
Dedicated account manager
Monthly reporting


30 Posts Per Month

Cancel anytime
Dedicated account manager
Weekly/monthly reporting


60 Posts Per Month

Cancel anytime
Dedicated account manager
Weekly/monthly reporting
Comparison Table
Page Monitoring & Responding
Boost Ad Management
Facebook & Instagram
Other Social Networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
Dedicated Account Manager
Original Content Creation for SMM
Community Management
Initial Campaign Strategy
Social Media Calendar Organization
Ad Creation & Development
Mon-Fri Post Monitoring
Results Analysis/Reporting
Two Hours of Consultation
No Setup Fee or Initial Investment
Post Frequency
15 posts/mo
30 posts/mo
60 posts/mo

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