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Video Production Firm

Ibadan Video Animation and Production Company

We are a video production firm that specializes in music videos, 3D and 2D animations, visual effects (VFX), and other video solutions.

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Increase Your Revenue Using Video Marketing

Did you know that 95% of people who see a video recall the message it conveys? Your greatest chance if you’re looking for a means to interact with your customers is through video marketing.

In comparison to static images or text, video is more likely to assist your audience remember your brand and message. A video-supported product is more likely to sell, as is the case with any product that is backed by video content.

In fact, 73% of people who watch product videos go on to make a purchase, and it has been shown again and time again that customers view firms that employ video as more reliable.

How ready are you to get started with video production? send us a message if you’d like to chat with our lead video strategist about creating videos that attract more customers.

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Innovative Video Animation Agency

Including animations in your corporate movies has numerous advantages. Animations help viewers better understand the message being conveyed in a video by making it more visually appealing to them.

The use of video animation or lottie files can be used to deliver a vital message to potential clients. Marketing your business with videos has shown to be a strong approach to reach a wide range of people with your message.

If you want to build brand familiarity, animations are a great option. Branded animations will make it clear to viewers that the video belongs to you.

There is a limit to the number of people who can produce high-quality animations that meet your brand’s standards. Your brand’s message will be better communicated with the use of AkinTech Digital’s video production services.

Why choose us for your next video project?

If you want to stand out from all the noise and clutter that users are assaulted with on a daily basis, video content is an excellent choice. Today’s internet-driven world requires businesses to keep up with the competition and attract new customers.

Inbound marketing relies significantly on the usage of videos on the Internet. A video-based website might also be more enjoyable and engaging than one that is solely textual. Incorporating multimedia into your website, especially videos, allows you to convey your message on multiple levels, including visual imagery, spoken word, and music. Through the use of special effects and animation, we’re able to help our clients generate more income, save money, and raise conversion rates.

Aside from cartoons, we offer a wide range of video marketing services from our office in Ibadan. If you have a big or small project, we can take it on. It’s important to note that we don’t rent or borrow any of the gear we employ. Our own in-house post production team utilizes only the latest technology.

Our team’s writers, producers, directors, and cinematographers are fervent about their work, and they have the skills and expertise to manage all aspect of your video production, from conception to delivery. Regardless matter the size, scope, or budget of a project, we treat it with the utmost expertise.

Video Production Services

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Company / Brand Video

Businesses have their own particular character. You need to show your customers what goes on behind the scenes at your business. Brand videos are the finest method to connect with your customers.

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Entertainment / Music Video

From the beginning to the end, our team of professionals with various talents such as filmmaking, videography, graphics, editing and 3D animation can get it done. can film your music video from start to finish.

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Animated / Explainer Video

To keep visitors engaged and increase conversions, explainer videos are a great way to show your product rather than just tell them about it. For example, users will be able to see how your product is used, as well as how other people use it.

Our Video Production Process

Before Production
Pre-production is a critical production process. It involves careful planning and preparation. We never go to a video shoot without a set schedule and a clear idea of what we're going to film. This is the time where we work out all the kinks and make sure the shoot goes smoothly, consistently, and affordably.
During Production
Upon receiving the information of your project, we can begin to develop an idea for your animation and film. Whether on location, in the studio, or on the street, our videographers are ready to capture the greatest footage for your media project. For your convenience, we have a videographer who will supervise the production.
Editing Process
It is during the editing process that true creativity emerges. By using cutting-edge software and expert editors, your footage is transformed into a masterpiece. Animation, titling, 2D and 3D modeling and rigging, sound design and color grading are just some of the post-production services we offer. We're capable of whatever you can think of.
Video Delivery & Promotion
Finally, the video you've been working so hard on will be delivered to your inbox. Using any of our digital marketing services, you can then promote the video. When you work with AkinTech Digital to create your video, you get the benefit of having a marketing plan implemented into the creative process. We know exactly what you need to do with your video in order to achieve your objectives.
Our clients adore working with us.

Video Animation Company in Ibadan

Video Production Firm

AkinTech Digital has been a great partner to work with in building our business through their extensive knowledge in building brands and advertising. We are excited to see what our future looks like with having such a strong partner in our corner!

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Kb Adewale
Video Production Firm

Working with AkinTech Digital's web design team has been a most pleasant experience!. They’ve done a great job of creating exactly what I wanted, easy to work with and very responsive. We couldn’t be happier with our new website.

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Adebayo Stephen
Bayo Farm
Video Production Firm

Our customer growth has increased, we have more than doubled our sales and return on ad spend in just 2 months through their facebook & instagram ads. We’ve seen incredible growth in a short period, It was a pleasure working with AkinTech Digital.

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Aminat Akinade
CEO Blissma

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